What are Essex girls known for?

Most of us know that Essex girls are known for white stilettos, open top cars and dancing around their hand bags, but has life change in Essex. The Agency decided to speak to a couple of Essex escorts who live and work in Essex from https://charlotteaction.org/essex-escorts. Have things changed or have they stayed the same? The Agency decided to visit the county of Essex and found out what is going on in places like Romford, Ilford and other parts as well. Ar the girls exactly the same as they used to be or are we dealing with a more sophisticated Essex girl these days?

Svetlana from Poland has been working for Essex escorts services for the last couple of years. She loves Essex but she says it is kind of a “quirky” place. ” I have never seen so many women with surgical alterations, she says. The plastic or enhancement surgeons must be making a fortune in this part of the world, she says with a smile. The girls have had their boobs done, lips and arms, and many other things as well. They also have a passion for spray tans. Some of them look really fake so you can understand why they are not getting any dates, says Svetlana.

Lucy also works for Essex escorts and says that things have changed, or perhaps they have just moved on, she says. The girls do drive open top sports cars, but they also like to have four by four’s. The problem is that these vehicles take up so much space that it can be hard to park sometimes. On top of that, they all like to bling up their vehicles. They all have really fancy interiors, expensive hub caps and blacked out windows. Sometimes I just have to laugh, says Lucy, the girls just look so funny.

Lena is a Swedish girl who works for Essex escorts and says that she has noticed the Essex girls as well. “They are really into mobile devices”, Lena says, “these girls don’t go anywhere without their iPads or mobile phones. Since most of them don’t work, you really need to ask yourself why they need all of this stuff. It seems silly to me, but perhaps they are checking out the latest deals at the spa or online, laughs Lena. After all, these girls are shopping mad. They always seem to have a new bag in the back of their car or run around with lots of shopping bags.

Well, it doesn’t sound like things have changed that much in the world of Essex girls. The Essex escorts have made some interesting observations about the ladies of Essex, and to me it sounds like that we are seeing a new version of the Essex Girl. I am sure that in a few years time, an other upgraded version will be available, but what that will entail, I will leave up to your imagination. However, I am pretty sure it will still mean expensive holidays to Marbella and designer hand bags.

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