Hottest London Escorts

A lot of the London escorts agencies specialize in some very hot ladies indeed. We have some specialists in duo dating, what gent wouldn’t like to spend a cold afternoon with the Finnish sauna twins. On top of that, London escorts agencies like can even offer some hot talent from the other side of the Atlantic

Central agencies are no longer the only ones to offer hot American and Sin City escorts, but London escorts agencies can as well. So, if you are ready for the time of your life, perhaps you should arrange a date with some hit London escorts.


Your pleasure is my pleasure, says Angela as she slowly opens the door to her boudoir. She is dressed in a dark blue negligee that reveals her long legs. I can tell the minute I look at her, that this amazing beauty has a lot of secrets to reveal.

I follow her into her boudoir, and she invites me to sit on her velvety sofa. She asks me if I would like a glass of Champagne, and she pours herself one as well. She spills a little bit on front of her chest, and I watch the drops run down her generous cleavage. I have never met an escorts like Angela before, and I am not sure what to say.

She sits there at my feet on a floor cushion looking at me with sorrowful inviting kitten eyes, and I am just totally bedazzled. The negligee slips of her shoulder, and she runs her hand up my leg. “Come on then, how would you like to day” she says and I am in seventh heaven.

I can’t remember a lot more about the date, but I know I did not manage to sip a lot of that champagne. I had a mouthful of something but I don’t think that was Champagne. It was some sweet wine…


If you are into hot blondes, you simply must meet Kath. She is a lovely young lady from Las Vegas, and she is the most stunning girl I have ever seen. I am trying to remember as much as I can from our date but it all rather happened in a blur. She came around to my place to give me a massage, but I think I rather got a much more deeper tissue massage than required. Anyway, afterwards I felt great but I don’t think that my life will be the same again.

Next time I feel stressed and am in pain I will give Kath a call to see if she can come around to relief my stress and fatigue. I am not sure what she did, but it certainly revived parts that other escorts have not been able to reach.

I am so pleased that we finally have some quality escorts right here in London. Now I don’t need to use expensive outcall services any more, and I can just pop down the road to visit my favorite escorts.

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